Hackaton timeline

The Climate Change AI Hackathon is tentatively set to go from 5 PM Easter Standard Time on Friday evening until 6 PM EST on Sunday evening. While we are unfortunately unable to accommodate every time zone as much as we would like, we will do our best to ensure that event participation can be done as asynchronously as possible in case it is not possible to attend all sessions live. Participants will be given climate change mandates and will work together in small groups to find solutions to the challenges they have been given. Unlike most Hackathons, students will be encouraged to collaborate and help other teams in a friendly, safe and inclusive environment.

On Friday, January 22nd, attendees will be welcome to witness the kickoff of the hackathon, including presentations of the challenges as well as keynote speaker discussions. From then on, the participants will have until Sunday evening - 6pm to submit the solution of the challenge they worked on.

On the following Thursday, January 28th, attendees will be welcome to enter the virtual hackathon, observe the hackathon team acknowledgements and prize distributions as well as enjoy an entertaining, pleasant, social and networking atmosphere afterwards. Inviting all to attend and observe the end of our hackathon, despite not having participated in it, is an initiative we hope will help to demystify hackathons to everyone who may otherwise feel too intimidated or “not good enough” to participate in these types of activities.


Instructions and requirements for final submissions

See the panel of judges that will be responsible for judging entries.

The maximum score a team can achieve is 15 points per challenge type.

  • The 4 judging criteria (model, creativity, functionality, challenge specific - 25% weight for each) account for a total of 10 points.
  • The climate change approach (i.e. mitigation, adaptation, awareness) is worth 5 points.
  • Teams that collaborate can earn bonus points (up to 5 points).

Participants are required to present their work and solution through a 3-minute video and/or a textual pitch depending on the challenge type and the juding criteria related. It could also integrate Miro.


Event Policy

All of our events have a strict, no tolerance policy against violent, aggressive, inappropriate, and/or unprofessional behaviour. Those who are identified as behaving in a way that goes against our policy will be removed from the event immediately. Should you be made to feel targeted or uncomfortable or should you witness another person experiencing a situation of this nature, you are welcome and encouraged to come forward and speak to someone from the AI Launch Lab or Artificial Intelligence Concordia management teams. Individuals who approach our management team about such issues will with be warmly welcomed, actively listened to, taken seriously, and action will be taken immediately to address and remedy the situation.